Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Oops I certainly didn't do a very good job of blogging more often this month did I? Don't have a good excuse either, just haven't had a whole lot to say I guess, which if you know me that is not like me, I usually have something to say...
Well let see our new chickens have fit in very well, (we added 6 hens a couple weeks ago) and they are doing good, Mr. Buff (rooster) is very happy since we added to his harem,  6 eggs yesterday, a couple of the hens we bought were going through molt, plus with the weather cooling off, I am happy with 4-6 new eggs a day, and we did get a couple of leghorns which lay white eggs, so we have white,brown, and blue pretty combo actually. 
It's halloween, we had our annual harvest party at church on saturday night, and it went very well, we had 441 people come through the doors which was the best turn out yet, and it sure was fun, I usually help in the kitchen and Steve works one of the games, the kids just have a riot!  It's safe and fun and they walk out with tons of candy.
Where we live we don't have any trick or treaters, which actually is ok with me.
I have been busy making soaps and lotions, sales are good and hoping that they will even get better as we get closer to Christmas, yikes Christmas already, the older I get the faster it goes for sure, I'm sure God has a very good reason for that :) 
My girlfriend and I are planning a road trip this saturday, goin to the bitchen kitchen, can't wait!!
Well I will leave you with some new pictures and I won't promise to blog more often as that doesn't seem to happen. 

Mr. Mac and Sylvester sunning 

My first boy doll

tote I made for my niece

Sylvester thinking he is a dog.

Mr. Mac   aka   punkin boy 


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