About me..

 I am a happily married 55 year old mom to my daughter Sarah,  grandma to two darling little girls, 6 and almost 3, wife to Steve for 23 years. 

I rededicated my life to Christ on 9.11, that day took many lifes but it also saved many lifes and mine was one of them, that day God tapped me on the shoulder and said "follow me".  I am in control of all going on with me you will be safe, so I did and I haven't looked back, they say "never say never"  but I will never be without God in my life again!  I love to study God's Word and I love walking through life with Him at  my side,  He is my everything.  He blesses me everyday in so very many ways.

I love to study anything and everything about God,  I love to knit, read, garden and am trying to learn blogging. 

We are going to be getting chickens in a few weeks, It should be fun don't ya think?