Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another week gone by almost.

Well another week gone by, when your in it it surely doesn't seem to go that fast, but now that the weekend is upon us and there is only 48hrs in it, and I have like 148hrs worth of work to do,, hmmm it just seems overwhelming, I need to tell myself to just take a deep breath (which I have to do a LOT lately) and just do what I can, it doesn't really make any difference what all I get done to anyone other than me anyways right? So maybe my problem is it shouldn't matter so much to me!  I found out yesterday I am seriously suffering from anxiety, been having some issues lately just stuff you kind of chalk up to maybe getting older, or this or that, well yesterday I decided to check symptoms of anxiety and not so sure I should have if you know what I mean... I have almost every one of them, so I need a plan of attack. I'm the type of person that normally doesn't suffer from depression / anxiety stuff like that but when I find myself there I find out what is bugging me and take care of it!!  So I am seriously praying that will be the case here. 

I do have a lot to do today, and Steve is headed north again to help with the deck on the cottage, maybe if I were to make myself a list, and cross off as I get the things done today that might help me feel as though I have accomplished more than I feel I have.  Ok I'm gonna try that today!! 
We had a little birthday party last night for my youngest grand daughter as she turned flee as she puts it or in our language 3  :)  it's so cute when they can't quite say simple things like that, with her older sister we never had that Kamilah always talked as an adult, so no cute stuff it seems. I will try and post a few pictures later, it's much easier to post pictures when I am on my laptop rather than the table top, not sure why just not so stinking complicated I guess.  
Well I suppose I should get up, get dressed, and tackle today!
Hope you all have a wonderful saturday, and it doesn't rain where ever you are because it seems EVERYONE is having a cold, WET, spring!  Need to get out and wash the windows today, before it rains tonight!
Have a blessed saturday!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another sunday night.

Well here we are at sunday night again. Wouldn't it be nice if the week days flew by as fast as the weekends? and I had thursday and friday off last week.  My daughter and I and another friend of mine did a garage sale, and we were pretty successful we totaled $414 between the three of us, not bad for getting rid of stuff we didn't need or use.
Well the good word is the chickens are in their coop!!!  YAY!!  did I say YAY? that has been a big thing weighing on my mind lately, I knew they were getting really cramped upstairs in the brooder and they had to get out soon!
We have had so much rain this spring it's almost impossible to get anything outside accomplished when you only have after work and the weekends to do anything, but they are out and I think they really love their new home! Just went out to take a few pic's and the ole hubby is making a fancy smancy ramp for them to walk down oh my! 
We did have some excitement here monday evening my husband cut his thumb on the table saw and needed 11 stitches so that occupied our monday evening after 8 o'clock, but he is doing fine he's pretty tough at least he is finally beginning to realize when it's serious and he needs stitches.  LOL  
Finally got my order of soap making supplies and also the preservative I have been waiting for to add to my lotion, made a couple batches this afternoon but I need to verify I am reading my digital scale right or if it is the right type of scale not sure it shows the increments I need, but did a couple trial batches and even whipped one with the stick blender, I have been doing so much research on it and that is one way a site I looked at did it, so I thought why not give it a shot right? It did actually give me more lotion but it was pretty fluffy so I will have to wait and see if I will do another batch like that.

what happens when I leave my seat for a minute!

Hubby working on the fancy smancy walkout.

the chickens underneath their coop while Steve works

the 3 "chickens" still inside the coop as Steve works.

Mr. Mac and Ms. Allie watching Steve

the chicks out in their new yard and loving it!

My first knitted doll.
Also finished my first knitted doll, she turned out pretty cute, still working on the face, my daughter suggested trying to make eyelashes too I tried last night, I am not a very good embroidery person, but practice makes perfect right? well at least thats what I have always been told!! I will include a picture of her too, the possibilities are endless with colors of hair, dresses, leggings, etc.  Thinking about maybe doing  a craft show this fall with my sister even though she didn't sound real excited about it oh well might do it myself anyways, I should have plenty to sell with all the stuff I knit and the lotions, and soaps. 
My pictures were taken with my new cannon camera that I received from my daughter and her family for mom's day, yep I was pretty excited, the only camera I had was the one on my phone this one is SOOOO nice!!
My summer group Bible study starts this tuesday very excited about that! I can't wait!!
Well have a wonderful week and I'll blog at ya later!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day!

Here we are at Mothers day again, the years seem to go by so fast. Thought I would pay a little tribute to my mom on here, this being her second mom's day in Glory!  I look back on my childhood and am so very very thankful for the mom that I had, and the older I get the more my mom I see,  I know for some of us that can be kinda scary, but in this case it's a very blessed thing. My mom was an awesome born-again Christian that lived her entire adult life for the Lord, she was always the one known at her work to be that "religious, Jesus" person, and I know I am known at my work for being that "religious, Jesus" person, and I admit it I AM A JESUS FREAK!  best part of being me  :)  I wasn't always but that's a whole nother blog story...
My mom and I had our differences for sure especially in my teen years, just couldn't understand why she didn't and wouldn't let me hang around with those people I so wanted to hang around with, and if she found out I was there were days she had come and hunted me down ! seriously, literally, but as I look back it's things like that that made me who and what I am today!! and for that I am eternally grateful.
Funny you find things out about your mom after she is gone that oh you so wish you would have known when she was here, one thing I found out during her Celebration of Life service, but thats ok when I see her again I can give her the love and hug for that! Thought I might share a little poem we found taped in her Bible after she was called Home, and now that is taped inside my Bible, until I am called home and I pray everyday that it will be taped inside my daughters Bible someday,
there are so many things I can see and feel that I know that my mom saw and felt, funny how life comes full circle isn't it?  
The older my mom became the sweeter to me she became, and I don't know if that is because I finally came to know Christ like she knew Christ, and I do know the only reason I did is because of her praying for me all the years she prayed for me, I wish the rest of my siblings would too, but I continue where my mom left off in that dept. by praying for them EVERY day that they will come to know Christ in the way I have, not just acknowledge that we have a God and that He sent His Son for us, but to live for Him,  we were all raised to know better, and I sure wish I would have listened to mom long before I did, it's a very very blessed assurance knowing Who is in charge of me!  

Ok so here's the poem, didn't mean to go so far off the beaten trail here, but I'm glad I did!  If your mom is still around make sure she knows how much you love her!  This is the day to do that!! well officially  :) and of course I can't find where I saved it so I'll have to type it out :

You tell me that I'm getting old
I tell you that's not so!
The "house" I live in is all worn out,
and that, of course, I know.
It's been in use a long, long time
and weathered many a gale,
I'm really not surprised to find
it's getting somewhat frail.
The color is changing on the roof
and the windows are getting dim,
the steps by now, are quite well worn
it's appearance no longer trim.
The foundation is not as steady
as once it used to be.
Yes, my "house" is getting shaky,
but, my "house" isn't me!
A few short years can't make me old,
I feel I'm in my youth.
Eterenity lies just ahead
A life of  Joy and Truth.
I'm going to live forever there,
and I think it will be grand.
You tell me I am getting old?
You just don't understand.
The dweller in my little "house"
is bright and young and gay,
just starting out on a life that lasts 
a great eternal day.
You only see the outside
which is all that most folks see.
You tell me I am getting old,
You've mixed my "house" with Me!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I can't believe it's been over two weeks!

Wow, shame on me, it's been over two weeks since I have updated my blog, and as I sit down now, I'm trying to think what has kept me so busy.  I did take the cold process soap making class, that was pretty cool, I think the lady I took it from (who has been doing it for over 20 years) has maybe become a little complacent with soap making, as I read books, and watch videos there are some kind of important items that she didn't really touch on so much, but that's ok I really just wanted to watch someone and make my own hands on batch which we did and we had a really nice time doing it.  I have since ordered some things (of course) to get me going on my first batch of soap, it shipped today so I'm excited, I have been cruising the net and oh my goodness I am amazed at how many recipes there are out there, so I just need to figure out which ones I want to try, come up with a name, and come up with some cute packaging, which I have also found a few sites that offer some cute stuff that I could just kinda dress up myself to make it mine.
  Oh the chickens are getting so big, they need to go out SOON!! hubby has been out of town ALL week and is heading out again when he gets home tomorrow so not much is getting done on the coop/pen this week, but next week dog gone it!! I did paint the inside well almost the whole inside until I ran out of the paint, which seemed to take forever, but I don't mind painting, I just so want to get those ladies outside in their coop and in their nice big pen they will have to run around in, they are going to love it!  They are so funny and you can see the different personalities, yup chickens do have those believe it or not.
 My daughter and I are having a garage sale next week thurs/fri/sat (praying it doesn't rain) so I have been busy getting my stuff ready for that I made some heat pads filled with field corn, made me one and I think I use it every night for around my neck ahhhh it feels sooo good! I will post pictures when I get my laptop back, Steve took it on the road with him, and it's so much easier to post pictures on that than this computer. 
 The gray gloomy weather is starting to really get on my last nerve! It shines during the day when I'm at work and then oh about 3ish in roll the clouds, ya know you just don't feel like doing anything when the weather is cold and gloomy, but on the up side of that I still have a home that wasn't taken out by a tornado, or a flood, so I am thankful for that. God is so good to us!
 I told you about the Better basics for the home book, incredible my daughter too is hooked on it, I made up some of the vegetation killer, sprayed a bunch of my weeds and I think their dying..  YAY!!  I sure hope we don't have weeds in heaven I don't think so, maybe just the pretty flowering kind, what do you think? 
 In two weeks my summer small group starts, oh I can't wait I love those girls!! This summer we are doing Faith and the S.T.O.P. principal by Sabrina Fairchild,  it's a study guide to learn how to  S  surrender   T  trust   O  obey  P  Patiently wait upon the Lord,  I got the book last week and have read the first chapter, and I think it's gonna be an amazing "personal" study.  Very very excited for that! 
  Well I promise I'll try to not make it be so long before I update again, where have I heard that before,  yup coming right from this ole set of lips!!  
 Oh and I have been reading  The Pioneer Woman which I wasn't sure I would like, when I reserved it at the library I really didn't know much about it, I got it, and it's a love story but it's really really good, she has a wonderful way of writing makes you really feel like your right there, so anyways if you like love stories you might like this one!
Ok signing off for now! Have a wonderful weekend and oh by the way HAPPY MOM'S DAY!!