Thursday, March 22, 2012

Too warm too soon!

Ok so is it just me, or is it just too soon for 86 degree weather? I am not a hot weather person and I am sooo ready for a cool down, this has been some crazy weather we are having here, I heard on the radio we will be 4-6 weeks ahead of schedule this year, ya know that its just wrong!
Ok so I have been spending a LOT of time of pinterest, or pinerest as my hubby calls it,  ok so it is my pinerest (which is a mental hospital here in town) but it's so addicting!  and I have learned some good stuff, like making my own makeup remover, never again will I have to buy that stuff and it's stinking expensive, and I swear my eyelashes are better since I started using it, I'll even share the receipe ready it's really really easy :   1 cup of water, 1-1/2 tbsp of baby shampoo (tear free of course) and 1/8 tsp of olive oil, mix it up and your good to go, and I am telling you it works very well, and I have noticed my eyes don't react to it like they did to the store bought stuff.,  try it you'll like it!!  :)
Well saturday is a "work day" on our community garden at church, calling for rain, but that would be better than 80 degree weather if you ask me, we are doing the backtoeden gardening, I had put a link to it earlier, it's pretty cool!  we are doing our strawberries that way this year, it takes lots of compost and woodchips to do, so we have to start out small, as we don't have a lot of either and can't afford a lot of either.
Steve still is not working, and it's really beginning to takes its toll on him, but we are trusting in God and know without a shadow of a doubt He will provide as He always does!
I got my order of new scents for more lotions and soaps, like 16 new scents anxious to be able to start making with them, got some weird sounding scents but they smell good,  who'd a thunk the scent "lettuce" would actually smell good,  or grass stain, green garden lots of yummy scents.
Got some more knitting done for gifts, hoping to be able to have them ready to go by Sunday so I can take them to church and surprise the people they are for, that's the best part!

The chickens are doing very well, check out this egg it was just huge, I mean you automatically go ouch when you see an egg that size! It was only a double yoker though, I seriously was thinking triple yoker!

Well just thought I would stop by and update, as I really am trying to be better about it!.

Going to the show tomorrow to see October Baby, looking forward to it, I don't go to the show often, meeting a couple of dear friends, couldn't even tell you the last show I saw, it's been a few years. 

Well I'll post a couple pic's of my latest knitting, I am loving this little sweater and might make a few to sell, what do you think?


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